KOLD’s tools

· Process overview

· Optimization

· Communication

· Coaching

Søren KOLD is the project manager and catalyst who ensures coherence between the management’s objectives and available resources.

Planning and experienced management ensure the success of the organization.

All on the company’s terms.

Process overview

Søren KOLD works to create optimal coherence between IT systems, work processes and the organization’s knowledge. Part of this work is based on creating a visual overview of the company’s processes. The visual overview must ensure that there are no processes that are overlooked and that there is no sub-optimization of processes.

The overview must also ensure a greater awareness in the company about the distribution of responsibilities and tasks, as well as where and how the processes are supported by IT systems.


Optimization of companies must always be done from a holistic point of view. This also means that as a result of the change process, there may be work tasks that become more difficult. However, only if the company as a whole achieves a better result.

It is an important part of the process to motivate and communicate the intended changes to the employees who are affected.


And all change is difficult. Employees are challenged to learn new processes and new IT tools while having to take care of their daily tasks.

Therefore, it is important to involve, help and educate the employees to remove uncertainty.

In the same way, it is important to plan and communicate what, how, when and who will solve the various work tasks that come in connection with an upcoming project.


Management and employees are supported in the process by an ongoing reporting of progress, as well as organized registration of problems and solution proposals that emerge along the way.


Søren KOLD is a member of Mensa Denmark and an excellent communicator who manages to make learning new processes, reviewing figures and statistics present and relevant.