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Søren Kold

Business optimization and project management in medium and large companies

Strategy development, process optimization and project management

New organizational structure. New business area. New IT system. Proces optimization

Link between

management’s desire and

the succes of the organisation

Come safely through change

  When changes are needed in the company, the task is to make the change give a lasting result for the company Søren KOLD adss knowledge, experience and effective methods to reach goals.

Value for your money!

Look ahead and meet the challenges


When changes are to take place, it is important that you look at how you think customers will react in the future and how you want to service them.

If you need to change your ERP system, then there are also work processes that need to be changed. The work process, the IT tool and the organization must fit together.

How do you keep track of all the tasks and optimize the return?

YES, Søren KOLD helps with that.

Søren KOLD can handle the extraordinary tasks, so you can ensure the daily operation and handling of your customers.

Let Søren KOLD help you with projects!

Spend your time on what you are good at.


You have spent tens of thousands of hours reaching the place you are at today. You have become experts and therefore do not need others to tell you what to do! Maybe, but then again … It’s hard to be an expert in all areas. This is because not all areas have a scope that allows the company to create the necessary experience.

A typical example: IT systems are only changed every 5-10 years. In these cases, you must have the courage to admit that the organization does not have the necessary knowledge and experience to implement it alone. These situations are always the cause of an extraordinary strain on the organization. Therefore, both knowledge and resources must be found.